Cantate Children's and Youth Choir

The tracks here are a sampling of the wide range of repertoire - continually expanding - Cantate has sung.  No two seasons are the same:  different selections of pieces, to be sure; but also different blends of choral texture achieved by the ever-changing and -maturing voices:  dwelling, and eventually moving on.

The first six tracks are from the Spring Concert in May 2017.  There are several wonderful choral moments in this group - not least the last chord of the Rutter - a delight to anyone who loves choral music!

The next five tracks are from the Spring concert of May 2014, held at the Academy Center of the Arts, downtown.  One of the slides on the home page shows the stage setup for the group of songs including Banjo Sam.  The composer of two pieces in that group is Eric Whitacre, whose name many young people will recognize.  He is mentioned (and pictured) on these pages in connection with a special event in our 2013 - 2014 season.

The last four tracks present Cantate's singing of the treble voices movements of Benjamin Britten's widely-known A Ceremony of Christmas Carols.  They were recorded in a concert of December 2013, presented jointly with St. John's Episcopal Church of Lynchburg and Johns Memorial Episcopal Church of Farmville.  The event took place within one of Central Virginia's architectural gems for choral music, Randolph College's Houston Memorial Chapel.

There are more recordings to be sifted through:  soon to be added here are Cantate-sung elements of the Choral Festival concert of October 2016, conducted by special guest Martin Neary - further details at this link.  CD's of that concert are available: for more details please visit Cantate's Facebook page, moderated by long-time Cantate singer Hannah Brown.

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A neat feature: the audio tracks can be manually sorted by dragging them to a play sequence of your choosing. On touch-screens where the page itself wants to scroll, there is a knack to this: to drag a track, let your finger rest on the track for brief moment before dragging. That prevents the page from scrolling. If you need to scroll the page, try not to touch the tracks - oops! that sounds like a railroad warning! There are also "shuffle" and "loop play" buttons - still have to improve the colors of those!

To start play, either press the play button, or click or briefly touch a track in the list. The default setup is that play stops after the last track in the list. To override that, toggle the "loop play" button. The "shuffle" button is also a toggler.

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